General Paediatric Concerns

Our General Paediatricians can help you and your child in assessing, managing and co-ordinating care for infants, children, and young people. At Sydney Child Development Specialists, concerns that our General Paediatricians can help you and your child are but not limited to:

  • Routine newborn care
  • Infant feeding including colic, reflux etc
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Bed wetting
  • Poor growth – Failure to thrive
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Developmental concerns – ADHD, Autism, Global Development Delay
  • Complex conditions involving multiple areas


What is a General Paediatrician?

General Paediatricians are specialists in assessing, managing, and coordinating care for infants, children, and young people from birth to late adolescence. They manage children with clinical issues ranging from chronic conditions to acute and life-threatening illnesses.

The role and functions of a General Paediatrician are as follows:

– Assess and diagnosis

General Paediatricians assess children with specific signs and symptoms. They are also experts in in the investigation and diagnosis where signs and symptoms are not specific or unclear.

– Treatment and Management

General Paediatricians initiate treatment which they may provide themselves or coordinate with a team of specialists tailored to the specific needs of an infant, child, or young person.

They are experts in collaborating with other health professionals and have a wide range of skills to provide holistic care that spans the various paediatric sub-specialties. General Paediatricians have the experience and training to provide high quality care to complex health conditions.

Some General Paediatricians through experience and further training develop expertise or areas of focus in specific paediatric areas such as developmental paediatrics.

General Paediatricians currently practicing and available for patient consultation at Sydney Child Development Specialists:

Dr Themis Michael

Dr Jane Son

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