Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Assessment & Diagnosis

ASD is a neurodevelopmental condition that impacts a child’s communication and social interaction skills.

Symptoms of ASD may be present in early childhood (under 3 years old) and is typically evident during social interactions.

Common examples include not making eye contact, being difficult to engage in play, not sharing interests with others etc. ASD is also characterised by behavioural differences, which can include wanting to follow specific rituals during the day, repeating words or phrases frequently, or being sensitive to certain sounds or sensory inputs.

However, for some children, ASD symptoms may be more subtle in their early childhood and may become more evident once they are of school age or older.

If you are concerned that your child is showing symptoms of ASD, please contact us for a consultation.

Initial Assessment & Diagnostic Evaluation

We offer 2 types of diagnostic evaluations:

  • Multidisciplinary Assessments (Consensus Team Diagnostic Evaluation)
    Multidisciplinary assessments involve a team of experienced paediatricians, psychologists and/or speech therapists. Together, in a joint appointment, we will provide comprehensive consultation and testing.

The National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of ASD ( recommends Multidisciplinary Assessments as the preferred method of diagnostic evaluation for ASD for those children where symptoms may be subtle or there may be other contributing factors or conditions.

  • Individual Consultation (Single Clinician Diagnostic Evaluation)
    Individual appointments can be made with our experienced developmental paediatricians or psychologists.

Treatment Management Plan

As part of the initial assessment & diagnostic evaluation, our experienced clinicians will recommend a management plan which lists treatment options based on your child’s needs.

Our Clinic can also offer a more detailed & specific treatment plan in collaboration with our experienced psychologists and speech therapists.

  • Ongoing treatment, early intervention therapy, support and review
    After the initial assessment & treatment plan, we offer ongoing therapy and multidisciplinary review appointments to check your child’s progress and to update the treatment plan accordingly.

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